1:1 Structured training in Leeds

Join Our Fitter U 1:1 Programme in Leeds! 


Do you: 

  • suffer with low back pain or general joint stiffness in the mornings?
  • know how to squat properly?
  • struggle to move your body with ease?
  • lack upper body strength?
  • keep suffering from recurrent injuries?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, then you could benefit from working with our experienced sports & rehab therapist, who will work with you on a structured training programme that is personalised to you and your needs. Utilising the principles of sport and exercise science, exercise-based rehabilitation, and sports specific diet & fitness, you can become a stronger, healthier, and fitter – U.

During your 1:1 training programme you will:
  • receive a personalised structured programme.
  • experience quality coaching around diet and lifestyle habits.
  • maximise your strength and power.
  • enhance your speed and agility.
  • improve your performance outcome.
  • optimise your results.



1:1 Training provides individual training programmes at every level of ability and will first of all help you to ‘unlock your body’ by reducing stiffness, correcting postural imbalances, and aiding the recovery from injuries whilst preventing the risk of re-injury. Moving with complete freedom, you will then follow a system to improve your strength and power, as well as, speed and agility, which inevitably leads to accelerated athletic prowess.

There are three 6 week training blocks:

  • 1:1 Rehab
  • 1:1 Conditioning
  • 1:1 Performance

Each can be done as a stand-alone programme or you may wish to work through them over a length of time that works for you. Each plan addresses areas that need improvement with a reassessment at the end of the 6-week block to show you how much you have improved as well as highlight areas that still need work, and at the end you can decide to apply what you have learnt either independently or with further support or progress to the next block.

It is important to stress that this is not just for athletes, you may be recovering from a long term illness, have had a work related injury and need to get back to your usual activities of daily living or you may just feel a bit lost with what exercises will work for you and need some guidance to become a fitter version of yourself.

Become a fitter – U

1:1 Rehab

This programme includes hands on soft tissue therapy and restorative exercise to release tension, reduce discomfort and increase quality of movement. A therapeutic fusion of corrective strength, mobility and smart core training, designed specifically to “unlock your body” Within 6 weeks you will increase flexibility and mobility as well as laying the foundation for your fitness & performance goals.

What to expect:

✅ Assessment of movement patterns and posture alignment allowing us to identify areas of weakness and target your rehabilitation.

✅ Hands on soft tissue therapy to restore joint mobility, release muscle tension and encourage pain free movement.

✅ Corrective and restorative exercise to reduce discomfort and improve quality of movement.

 A diet plan rich in the nutrients required for healing to optimise the recovery process.

✅ Discover techniques and tools to self-manage tight fascia and ease tension on the body.

✅ Build the perfect foundation for the strength and conditioning training that follows.

1:1 Conditioning


This programme includes resistance training techniques to build, strength and muscular endurance. The conditioning programme works with the body in a way that the body was designed to move, natural and free. You will be taken through session structures that are similar in the way that many athletes train. While you may not consider yourself to be an athlete, there is one inside you just waiting to come out, and during this programme you will be amazed at what your body can do.

What to expect:

✅ Assessment of strength & fitness allowing us to plan a structured & tailored conditioning programme.

✅ Strength and conditioning work to build muscular strength, endurance and power.

✅ Movement & stability training to increase performance capacity and reduce the risk of injury.

✅ Integrated programming to improve mobility, flexibility and recovery.

✅ A perfectly balanced diet to support your training and recovery.

✅ Build the perfect foundation for the explosive power, agility and speed training that follows.


1:1 Performance

This programme is designed to improve your explosive strength, balance, coordination, agility, speed and stamina; all the contributes of a competent athlete! This programme is not for everyone, you must have a degree of physical strength and coordination already. That being said, the performance programme isn’t just for competitive and recreational athletes, it is also for people who like to think that training is their sport.

What to expect:

✅ Continued Strength and Conditioning sessions to develop a strong, robust and powerful body.

✅ Sport specific speed, agility and reactive drills to improve athletic performance.

✅ Explosive power and plyometric work to improve neuromuscular performance.

✅ Power band training which has been designed to bridge the gap between the weight room and playing field.

✅ A diet rich in protein and micronutrients to maximise results.

✅ A unique programme that will make you a stronger, more powerful, agile, and faster than ever.

How much does it cost:

Each 6-week block includes:

  1. 6 x 1:1 hour long sessions (value £360)
  2. A movement screen + performance analysis (value £60)

(3)  Customised 6 week training programme (value £90)

(4)  Custom habit tracking programme ~ it’s about changing habits in the short term to achieve long term results (value £60)

(5)  Access to 90 plus delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes to maximise results (value £60)

(6) An educational workbook to empower you to move past conventional thinking and help elevate you to the next level. – to become a fitter- u! (priceless)

VALUE: £630

Current offer price = £350 for a limited time only

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