An Easy Way to Improve Posture

Dec 15, 2020 | Blogs & News

Joanne Elphinston explains posture

If you ask most people what they think “good” posture is, they will tell you that you should stand up straight, with your shoulders back and stomach in. They will then tell you that they don’t have good posture.
There’s good news – standing in that stiff, high effort way really isn’t normal, and nor is it good for you. That’s why so many people just can’t do it!
Efficient posture is the foundation for movement: your effort should be directed towards your life, not just holding yourself up against gravity!
Improving your posture is not about hard work, but about awareness of a new sensation. Stand in a relaxed, almost slumped posture. Imagine for a moment, that a very large helium balloon on a string is attached to the back of the top of your head. Make it real for yourself by giving it a colour. Helium rises, so the role of the balloon is to gently lift the weight of your head up off your body. This releases the spine from the compression of gravity. Allow your body to decompress and lengthen without straining. Breathe freely now that the weight of your head as been lifted.
Supporting yourself should not be a strain. Allowing your body to “lighten up” decreases pressure on your joints and helps you to move freely. An ideal natural posture should be comfortable, repeatable and sustainable. (Joanne Elphinston)
To learn how simple it can be to improve your posture take a look at the following video

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