Pre-Operative Physiotherapy in Leeds

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy Treatments In Leeds & Surrounding Areas

While it is generally a given that most patients undergo rehabilitative physiotherapy after surgery the same is not always true prior to an operation. Here at Physio Action, we are able to offer a full range of pre-operative physiotherapy in Leeds, Ilkley and surrounding areas. 

There are a significant number of benefits for patients that can be directly attributed to pre-operative surgery. It is always advisable that patients wherever possible get themselves in the best possible physical condition before surgery. By undertaking a programme of pre-operative physiotherapy, you may be able to significantly reduce your post-operative recovery time.

Pre-operative physiotherapy can help strengthen both mind and body prior to surgery along with helping prepare patients for what awaits them after surgery. 

Here at Physio Action, we are able to tailor all our pre-operative physiotherapy in Leeds, Ilkley & surrounding areas, to the specific needs of the individual patient. Irrespective of what type of surgical procedure you may be about to undergo we can design a specific pre-operative physiotherapy treatment plan for you. While pre-operative physiotherapy is particularly useful to prepare for surgery on joints such as shoulders, knees, ankles and hips it can be adapted to all other types of surgery. 

The pre-operative physiotherapy in Leeds offered by our professional team can help reduce pain and inflammation. This along with increasing fitness levels and improving a patients physical and mental wellbeing makes it ideal preparation for surgery. So, if you are facing a surgical procedure and want to ensure you can reduce rehabilitation time and make your recovery as painless as possible contact our team today. They will be happy to discuss your personal circumstances and help prepare the ideal pre-operative physiotherapy programme for you. 

What is Involved in Programme of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy in Leeds, Ilkley & surrounding areas?

While the focus is quite often on post-operative physiotherapy the importance of undergoing pre-operative physiotherapy in patient recovery can not be underestimated. Any programme of pre-operative physiotherapy in Leeds will be undertaken in the lead up to surgery. Pre-operative physiotherapy will generally be an exercise-based programme designed to strengthen and mobilise the area of your body you are due to undergo surgery on. 

Pre-operative rehabilitation will begin with an initial consultation to allow our physiotherapists to determine the specific needs of the individual patient. This helps patients with goal setting to ensure they are as strong as possible both physically and mentally prior to surgery. While the primary focus will be on pre-operative actions our team will also help patients familiarise themselves with exercises required post-surgery.

The personal exercise programme we devise for you will be aimed at initially reducing pain and inflammation around the damaged joint. We will then try to restore a range of motion and improve muscular control of the injured joint. This physiotherapy is designed to get movement patterns as near to normal as possible prior to any surgical procedure. This will in most cases reduce the level and timeframe of any post-operative physiotherapy.

As well as the physical benefits of pre-operative physiotherapy it can also help improve a patients mental wellbeing. Undergoing pre-operative physiotherapy will make your mind and body stronger and prepare you for what to expect after surgery. By doing this we are able to significantly reduce the stress of the unknown that can be associated with surgical procedures.

Who will Benefit from Pre-Operative Physiotherapy in Leeds? 

Pre-operative Physiotherapy in Leeds can provide significant benefits to patients who find themselves facing a surgical procedure. Pre-operative rehabilitation is vitally important for patients looking to reduce post-operative recovery. The aim of any treatment plan is to ensure you are as well conditioned as possible prior to surgery.

While surgery is performed in a matter of hours rehabilitation can be a long and often difficult process. Anything we can do to reduce this can only be beneficial to the patient. By taking advantage of our extensive range of pre-operative procedures we can help you minimise the length of your recovery period. 

Quite often patients undergoing surgery for the first time are nervous about both the procedure and what will happen afterwards. Our pre-operative physiotherapy will also inform you on what to expect after surgery has been completed. This can involve giving you advice on how to do things many people with take for granted. Things such as how to sit and stand properly and move in and out of chairs and beds. We will also help with advice on the use of post-surgical equipment such as crutches and slings. 

By undertaking a programme of pre-operative physiotherapy, we can help all our patients regain their independence as quickly as possible post-surgery. To get expert advice on all aspects of pre-operative physiotherapy in Leeds contact our friendly team without delay. 

Many people who enrol in our pre-operative physiotherapy treatment programs go on and continue their treatment after the surgery has been completed. Our team can also offer excellent post-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation treatments, giving you the best chances of recovering to full health as quickly as possible.

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