Why wait until the wheels fall off ?

Dec 11, 2020 | Blogs & News

Do you have a problem that won’t settle down?

Did you know that PAIN is your body’s way of telling you to stop! Not completely and not forever, but just enough to let us help you get better!

If you have a fall or an accident, it’s easy to understand why something hurts, but if this is not the case …. why does it happen?

Injuries occur when the load on our body is greater than our capacity to cope with it.

I’m not just talking about what weight we lift; it includes the range of movement we use, the number of times we repeat those movements and the pressure we put our muscles and joints under whether at home, in the office, garden or doing your favourite hobby. It can also happen at any age not just as we get older!

If we can’t adapt to these things, injuries occur. They creep up on us, a stiff neck that gradually gets worse or knee pain that starts when climbing the stairs.

Sometimes we get back pain by simply sneezing or reaching into a low cupboard, shoulder pain putting a seatbelt on or reaching behind us into the back of a car.

Over time, pain occurs and the inflammatory process starts .We can all name the moment we felt the worst pain and equate the injury to that movement, when in fact the real truth behind the problem has been that we have been building this stiffness, losing flexibility, loading our bodies differently as we unknowingly adapt to our own restrictions and all the time we don’t notice these changes until that one moment when you feel pain – this time you can’t ignore it ! It hurts too much and stops you doing what you want to do!

Here at Physio Action, we are experts in the way our bodies move, specialising in the management of not just the acute injuries but also those longer-term annoying problems that just don’t seem to go away no matter how much you rest, adapt your lifestyle or training, or worse still try and brush it under the carpet.

By ignoring these problems, it can make the job of recovery a little bit harder and often takes longer to resolve.

What better way to start the New Year than to book yourself or a loved one in to start that road to recovery, to feel and move better – a fresh start to 2021, especially after the strain of the last few months! In a nutshell don’t let the wheels fall off before you do something about it !

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