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Would thoroughly recommend Physio Action.

After hurting my back in summer they have helped me back to a full recovery.

I was seen by Jamie who was extremely knowledgeable, huge thank you for everything!

Tessa Moxley

January 2023

Accurate diagnosis with great advice and support throughout my treatment got me back to running and helps me prevent a recurring injury.

Really friendly, helpful and accessible when needed.

Many thanks Physio Action!

Nick Andralojc

December 2022

My son recently saw Su at physio action for a bad back. Turned out to be a fracture of his Parrs bone which she felt it could be.

A successful referral for an MRI scan confirmed this.

Couldn’t rate the team more highly!

10 stars from us!

David Barr

December 2022

Harry was having pain in ankles which prevented him from doing sport.

Physio Action put in place a steady recovery plan helping him get back to playing with his friends pain free.

Jane is amazing and put together a program that a 12 year old could manage.

I just can’t praise Physio Action enough especially when i was finding it difficult to get anyone to help me with constructive advice.


November 2022

This is the second occasion that I have used Physio Action at David Lloyd. My right hip this time.

I have had 4 sessions again with Gemma and I am absolutely thrilled with the progress and how my hip feels. Before I was struggling to climb stairs and needed a pole to assist with long walks.

Since my last session I completed Derwent Water circa 19k, I am back at the gym and back to the driving range. 

So a big thank you guys for working miracles again.

Name withheld

October 2022

I just wanted to send a note of thankyou and review for Charlie (physiotherapist), who I saw at the David Lloyd Physio Action.

I started seeing Charlie following IT band release surgery last summer.  Feeling deflated after an unsuccessful month or so with a different physiotherapist, I then restarted physiotherapist with Charlie. Prior to surgery I had been in able to run for more than a couple of minutes for almost 5 years I am now running for 30 minutes and back to walking long distances without any pain or discomfort.

Charlie was kind, caring and compassionate throughout my treatment. Charlie was very thorough, had excellent communication skills and really worked with me to achieve the goal. I can’t thank her enough, she has made a huge difference to my life!

Name withheld

September 2022

I contacted Physio Action following a recommendation from a colleague, when I was in so much pain in my back, I felt sick. Lauren was able to arrange an appointment with Hannah in Ilkley on the same day, for which I was very grateful.

Hannah could not have been kinder, more friendly, yet most professional and so very, very good at her job!She got to grips immediately with the problem, was hands on, but very conscious of me being comfortable as well. There was absolutely no pressure to return, but a follow up appointment made just in case I need itand sone (sensible) exercises given to start after a day or so following treatment.

I was amazed at how much better I felt by the next day already. Although I am still a bit sore, I have not had to take painkillers since Hannah’s treatment 5 days ago – a small miracle!

Name withheld

July 2022

I have been visiting Josh at Physio Action for about a year now, I usually attend once a month for a sports massage. I have a profession which puts a lot of pressure on my back, neck and shoulders and my appointments with Josh have enabled me to prevent back problems. I previously found my back would be painful on a regular basis but these sessions have made a huge difference and I couldn’t live without them now.

Josh is excellent at what he does, he is so professional and knowledgeable and I feel rest assured I am in good hands.

Overall a fantastic experience and I would recommend them to anyone!


May 2022

I’m really grateful to have had Gill supporting me throughout my back pain before and after my operation from 2015. Recently Josh has been very helpful working together with Gill to keep me free of pain.

Physio Action has a great group of people working for them, where you can rely on any of them to take care of you. They work together well and you feel looked after by them not just individually, but as a team. Some of them have even supported the Olympics team in several competitions.

I’m very amazed to have this professional and caring team on my back!

Angela Biodi

April 2022

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Josh for a fantastic (and much needed) sports massage with him on Monday. After lots of running and cycling during lockdown I had lots of aches and pains that needed relieving. Josh really focused on the areas that were particularly stiff whilst identifying weak spots from old injuries that he was able to target. I felt like I had a new pair of legs on my run on Tuesday without the need for a slow and steady warm up. I have booked my next session in to continue to relieve the tensions he found giving me more mobility and preventing future pulled muscles.          Thanks again 

Mark Winter 

April 2021

“Just had a wonderful sports massage with Josh, the new Sports Massage therapist at Physio action in David Lloyd, Leeds.

Very professional experience targeting my specific areas of concern. Shoulders and neck now much more mobile will definitely be going back for further treatments and would be very happy to recommend him”. 


April 2021

This is the second occasion that have used physio action at David Lloyd. My right hip this time. I have had 4 sessions, again with Gemma, and I am absolutely thrilled with the progress and how my hip feels. Before I was struggling to climb stairs and needed a pole to assist with long walks. My last session was Sept 14th and since then I completed derwent water circa 19k, I am back at the gym, and back to the driving range. So big thank you guys for working miracles again Kind regards Kevin

Kevin Cassidy

Could I pay tribute to the excellent pelvic floor physio session I have just had with Jaime Sawiuk at the Physio Action centre in Harrogate. She was absolutely superb – I have a fairly complicated history and she was very knowledgeable and thorough while being gentle and compassionate – a true professional. Thank you.


As a patient being treated by Physio Action, I felt I needed to write a review to make sure that people are aware such excellent care is available. Over the past few years I have had referrals to various physios for various conditions through my private healthcare and feel so lucky that my pain consultant would ONLY refer me to Physio Action. So far, I have used them weekly for several months and they’re amazing. My physio, Hannah, is remarkable not only with her hands on treatment, but so knowledgable and has been able to tell me exactly what is going on with my injury from day one which I found so helpful. With her expertise, I was able to understand my problem so much better. Hannah herself is a fabulous person, I feel totally at ease under her care and have every confidence in everything she says to me. I cannot believe the difference from one company to another, I don’t know why Physio Action are so different when I imagine physio training must be the same for everyone. They are streets ahead of anyone I have ever used and I totally recommend them and Hannah is amazing!!!

Alexandra Hawe

Having played over 200 games of national league Rugby you realise the importance of recovering from knocks and injuries as quickly as possible. The most important part of this is receiving the correct diagnosis and beginning recovery/treatment immediately. Rachel has been my physio for a number of seasons now, looking after me with Wharfedale, Yorkshire and England Counties. She has always been very professional and got me back on the pitch as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rachel to anybody or any team.

Rob Baldwin, Leeds Carnegie Rugby Union

I can’t recommend Physio Action highly enough and they will be my first port of call for any future injuries.

I had been having pain from my Achilles tendon on and off for quite a while and Gill was fantastic at understanding and diagnosing the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms. She helped me address the Achilles issue by working with her network of other specialists to address the related problems.

Throughout this Gill made it extremely easy by helping with referrals and working alongside them to pull together a comprehensive treatment programme that has left the Achilles pain free and me back to full activity mode.

Andy Butterworth

January 2023

I have been receiving soft tissue massage treatment from Matt Hancocks at physio action for a few months.

He has been instrumental in me returning to running and relieving a chronic back problem ( many years as a Nurse) as well as neck tension and stiffness.

I do his recommended stretches pre and post exercise and am confident I can do the recreational running I enjoy so much. I would 100% recommend.

Rachel Smith

December 2022

I highly recommend Physio Action for your sports injury rehab.

The front office staff were always responsive and helpful.

Stephen helped me through some pain and weakness due to a longstanding knee injury. He personalized an exercise routine for me that quickly reversed years of atrophy and helped me get back on the path to full strength.

Thank you!


December 2022

Gill ,

I would like to thank you for your advice and treatment on my knee over the last 6 months. It was certainly a very grossly swollen knee back in April.

I have really appreciated your very professional and knowledgeable input. At least they now look like a pair.

I am very pleased with the outcome and I can move freely, even though I accept I have more work to do – always room for improvement.

So I will continue with the  plan you have provided to strengthen the knee. You have given me a wide range of exercises and with the aqua and gym and I know what I should do.

It has been so nice to meet you and benefit from your expertise. I have enjoyed our sessions.

Thank you again.


October 2022

As a lazy 34 year old with more injuries than athletic achievements I took on a 7 day charity bike ride that would make most professional cyclists’ eyes water. It came as no surprise to anyone that the volume of training broke my body from neck to knee.

In the lead up to the event Gill was simply inspirational. Her knowledge and treatment was exemplary and only second to the kindness and support she gave me. She doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in her vocabulary, she encouraged me at all the right times and filled me with complete confidence that I’d complete the challenge. Gill won’t sing her own praises, so I’m happy to. Thank you for everything.
Get ready for next year when we do it all again!

Oliver Beckett

April 2022

Recommended to Physio Action by my daughters gymnastics coach for an ankle injury which had been plaguing her. We saw Stephen who was excellent in making a diagnosis, suggested exercises to do in between appointments and two follow up appointments later, the injury is on the mend. The process if booking the initial appointment was straightforward and the reminders of future appointments was extremely helpful. Would highly recommend.

Zoe Pickering

April 2022

Big Thank you to all at Physio Action for the excellent care I have had over the past 6 months. Without the comprehensive care from Gill and Kev before the Winter Olympics I would not have been able to compete. On my return I needed a significant operation followed by challenging rehabilitation that has been expertly led by Kev. 

I am now back on skies and ready to take on my next challenges back on the snow Big Legends, Thank you.

Tyler Jay Harding

I have been dealing with rachel for over 3 years now and she has done a first class job on keeping me fit and ready to take he pitch each time. I have had various injuries and each time she has approached the issue with a professional attitude and without hesitation. She has vast experience and is a highly intelligent individual. This, combined with a witty welcoming personality, makes it a pleasure to be her patient.

Keith Laughlin, England Counties Captain

I would like to say a big thank you to Kevin at Leeds. After 4 years of pain and being told an a NHS head physio “tough it’s your age”, he has given me faith in Physiotherapy. Going to see Kevin was the last throw of the dice after medication, spinal column stimulators and injections. He has improved my ability to move, bend, walk to the extent I am now able to continue his great work at the gym. Thanks again.

David Cosgrove

I am not your ‘typical’ runner. I’m not as fit as I could be and I don’t run 10s of miles a week as standard. I’m a 43 yr old mum with her own business who had a dream to do the Berlin marathon. I got to do 2 weeks at 15miles before ITB kicked in horribly and was pretty devastated as all over the web there were articles telling me to quit. I called Physio Action and was booked in with Jaime. She as fantastic, really calming & friendly. Always happy and professional, but most importantly determined to get me running. I was delighted to complete the marathon with almost no pain. Please tell Jaime & the team how much completing it means to me and thank them for their support. I get that physio is about the body, but they kept my head in the right place too – and that is really appreciated.

Lynda Ryan

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Hannah for your help over the last 3 months. I managed to finish the London Marathon in 4 hrs 14, which I was very pleased with and no major pain. I really enjoyed the day and am very grateful to you for keeping me on the road this winter.

Frederic Maurice

I just wanted to say a big thank you to both Jane and Jaime for getting my body fit to start the Brighton Marathon – and I completed it in 4 hours 16 minutes! I’m very proud of myself and without both of your help I would not have done so well.

Gemma Dixon

I went to Jaime early in my pregnancy when I started to feel the first twinges of the pelvic pain that I’d experienced in a previous pregnancy. Jaime was fantastic, gave me excellent treatment and advice and the pelvic pain never developed and those early signs of it completely vanished. I’d always been nervous about any kind of treatment during pregnancy but I had full confidence in Jaime and plan to see her for post-natal advice too.

Carrie Rivlin

I’ve been attending regular appointments at Physio Action over the last couple of months for posture correction, specifically with Matt Hancocks.

Matt has been fantastic from the very first session, quickly identify where my postural imbalances stem from and how these link back to my lifestyle. This analysis instantly filled me with confidence, realising that the focused massages combined with at-home exercises, gym workouts, and lifestyle adjustments would put me in a better place.

Matt is very easy to get on with and ensures that each session delivers value. The process of booking with and paying Physio Action is very straightforward, and the receptionists are very friendly and helpful.

I’ve already recommended friends and family to Physio Action, Matt specifically, to help tackle their own goals with the right professional assistance.


December 2022

I would thoroughly recommend Physio Action and Stephen the physiotherapist who treated me.

I sought help for two separate injuries and was very impressed with the expert advice I received which solved my problems almost immediately.


November 2022

Having had a bad back for many years and on-going treatment that had no effect, a friend recommended I see Jaime at PA.

Right from my first visit she accurately diagnosed the problem and began working on reducing my pain and getting me mobile again. I am very happy to say that i am now well on my way to full recovery and am feeling better than i have for years.

She is extremely professional, a superb physiotherapist, a wonderful person and for me, a life-saver.


August 2022

To the team and all concerned. My husband and I are both have been using Physio Action team at DL. What a fantastic team of people indeed: very professional, very knowledgeable and so friendly and accommodating. Two people deserve a special mention: Lauren at Reception (wonderful and helpful and very friendly lady) and Kevin – a total expert in helping both us healing various sports injuries and so knowledgeable in what exercises to do and how and when to recover from an injury asap. Thanks guys for being amazing! Will recommend Physio Action to anyone every time.

Natasha Bate

Just to let you know I played 18 holes of golf yesterday and suffered no ill effects ,just a little weary after a 5 mile walk. Your treatment was like a miracle and I must say I was impressed with the diagnosis and the result you achieved . So well done and thanks again.


I just want to give a huge thank you to Gill for all the work she did on my leg injuries. In my opinion, Gill is by far the most outstanding, knowledgable and skilful physio I have ever met. She patiently listened to my running related calf & groin injury symptoms and after running some tests made a clear and exact diagnosis of the causes. This was followed by precise corrective work and post physio exercises. All physios do a remarkable job, but the Physio Action team is top class and Gill is clearly the very best practitioner you could ever hope to be treated by. Thank you very much Gill.

Len Deakin

Just to say how very grateful I am to you for your determined efforts to diagnose and get treatment for Jenni’s back.She really had drawn a blank until she met you. I do hope that all your efforts will pay off and that she will be able to train and run again. With my sincere thanks.

Dianne Muston

Both Myself and George would like to thank Gill, Kevin and The Team at physio action for all of your help and support in the last 12 months. Without it the George Davies team wouldn’t succeed and George wouldn’t be competing at the Commonwealth Youth Games. We look forward to continuing working together as we look ahead to the 2016 world junior championships.

Paul Wilson, Head Coach Team First Throwers

As a middle aged man with 2 dodgy knees and a history of not finding physio helpful, I am delighted with the exercises prescribed by Jaime and the treatment she gave.

Patrick Mitchell

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team for getting Benjamin to where he is so far… and for keeping him focused over the past 6 months.

Hannah Colman

I just wanted to send a huge thank you to the team at Physio Action, in particular Charlie Steggles who has been so helpful and supportive in my road to recovery following an ankle injury. She has truly gone above and beyond and the support and aftercare has been fantastic. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend to anyone.

S Wearden

Just a short note to thank you so much Rachel for fixing my bad back and giving me the expert treatment and maintenance exercises to help me to be painfree and flexible. Completing my exercise programme regularly has really helped my quality of life, which before I came to see you was just getting worse. Please accept a huge thank you from me and if I hear or see of anyone with any physical problems your name is the one I always give.

Ian Walker

Dear Jane,

Thanks for sorting me out physio wise so I could ski. I think you are very good at your job; great communication skills, friendly, efficient and effective.

Keep doing it like you do.

Best Wishes

Georgina Gerrard

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