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Knee Pain Treatments In Leeds, Ilkley & Surrounding Areas


Since 2003, Physio Action has been offering treatments for knee pain in Leeds, Ilkley & surrounding areas. If you suffer from knee pain, don’t suffer in silence, we are here to help. The treatments for knee pain we offer cover Leeds, Ilkley and the surrounding areas. 

There are many reasons knee pain can develop, sometimes as a result of an injury. Knee pain can also develop with no apparent reason. You will find some of the common causes of knee pain listed below.

Its important to not self-diagnose your knee pain issues and to seek the correct medical advice. The sooner you find the true cause for your knee pain, the quicker the healing process can begin. Physio Action are experts at offering treatments for knee pain in Leeds, Ilkley and the surrounding areas.

If you are in any doubt, speak to your GP or contact Physio Action for an initial assessment. 

Knee Pain in Leeds, Ilkley & Surrounding Areas – We have the treatments you need!

If your knee pain is the result of a sporting accident or happened during physical activity, you may find the causes below.

It’s important not to self diagnose your knee pain issues. Depending on the underlying cause for your knee pain, it may be possible to be treated at home. Other issues need a longer course of physio and rehabilitation. Having the correct diagnosis will speed up the recovery process. Speak to us if you suffer with knee pain in Leeds, Ilkley & surrounding areas, we have helped many people and are happy to help you too!


Knee Pain After Injury

The most common causes of knee pain after injury could be any of the following:

  • Sprains and strains – as a result of overstretching, often during exercise or sports. 
  • Tendonitis – pain between the kneecap and the shin, often caused by repetitive jumping or running. 
  • Tendon, meniscus or cartilage damage – the knee is often unstable and can give way when trying to stand. The knee can make a popping sound during injury. This can also result in having torn ligaments. 
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s disease – this is common in young adults and teenagers. It manifests itself as swelling below the kneecap. 
  • Dislocated kneecap – this can happen when changing direction or after a collision. The kneecap may change shape and become painful to the touch.


Treatments For Knee Pain In Leeds, Ilkley & Surrounding – Contact Us, Today!


Physio Action are experts at treating people who suffer from knee pain in Leeds, Ilkley & surrounding areas. If you have developed symptoms of knee pain and there is no clear cause, we are here to help.

You may find some of the information below useful, but it’s important to get the correct diagnosis.
Some people who suffer from knee pain can be treated at home with a simple ice pack & rest. While others need physio in Leeds, or in some cases treatment from their GP.

If you’re looking for treatments for knee pain in Leeds, Ilkley & surrounding, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team are happy to help!

Knee Pain With No Obvious Cause

Common reasons for knee pain with no obvious cause could be due to the following: 

  • Osteoarthritis – both knees may be painful and stiff when moving. There may be mild swelling. Osteoarthritis is most common in the older generation. 
  • Bursitis – the knees may look red and be warm to the touch. Bending and kneeling makes the swelling and pain worse. 
  • Bleeding in the joint – there may be swelling and the knee will be warm to the touch. It’s common to see bruising for no reason. If you are taking anticoagulants prescribed by your GP, it may be worth discussing this with them. 
  • Septic-arthritis or gout – if the pain in your knees is sudden and very painful, this could be the cause. The knee may look red and also feel hot to touch.


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