Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Nov 21, 2022 | Blogs & News

It makes sense if you can say that you have a ‘sprain’ or ‘strain’ especially if you have slipped or tripped. But what happens if you don’t feel like you could have injured yourself, yet you still have developed pain in a joint or a pull in a muscle?

Most people want to know:

  • What is the problem ?
  • Why have they got it ?
  • What do they have to do to fix it ?
  • How long will it take ?

At Physio Action, our team of physiotherapists in Leeds and surrounding can help you with all of these questions. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will listen, make a provisional diagnosis based on your story, explain the problem and also the commitment involved in getting it better.

Often the site of pain is not the cause of the problem, and it takes this assessment to understand where it has come from and what we need to do to achieve full and fearless movement.

Joining our Team is Matt Hancocks a very experienced Sports Massage Therapist and injury rehabilitation specialist helping our clients with their rehab planning and execution from end stage injury back to return to full activity. That may be a client in high level sport or who wants a kick around with the kids, wants confidence to work in the garden or simply during desk-based activity. He compliments the Physio Team brilliantly bridging the gap between end stage injury and the confidence to go back to doing the things that you enjoy the most.

For more information please contact us on 0113 268 7578 or email info@physioaction.com. If you are unsure if Physio Action is for you then feel free to ring and one of our team will be more than happy to arrange a call back to discuss any queries you may have.