How do we challenge those winter chills?

Dec 1, 2022 | Blogs & News

With winter just around the corner whilst the season can bring cosy days spent indoors and festive fun for many people, the cold weather can also means sore or aching joints for others.

Why is that ? There is a strong link between low atmospheric pressure outside and the pressure in our joints which indicates why cold weather is often blamed for aches and pains just before it hits us.


Keeping the heating on and staying warm would normally be our go to option but with the rising costs of living and sky high energy bills it can mean we might end up colder than ever this winter .


So how do we challenge those winter chills:

  • Keep your muscles and joints warm – lots of layers or a  hot water bottles to target the colder body parts .
  • Stay fit and active. Remember– Motion is Lotion and keeping the blood pumping around your body helps to prevent stiffness and swelling from building up around your joints.
  • Choose indoor workouts to keep up your exercise
  • Stay on top of your Vitamin D
  • Tackle aches and pains before they get worse- don’t suffer on your own! Osteoarthritis can be the cause of these and affects an estimated 8.75 million people over the age of 45.If this sounds familiar and you’d like more guidance from the Physio Action Team  click on the link to find out about the common symptoms and things you can do to help yourself.